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If I’m Illegal Can I Get Social Security?

Illegal and working with a fake Social Security number? A percentage of your income is being withheld to pay into Social Security (read more here about Social Security tax).  Regardless of citizenship status, the IRS requires illegal immigrants (or those not eligible for a Social Security Number) to use an ITIN, or individual taxpayer identification number .

What Does an ITIN Have to Do with Social Security?

An ITIN does not:

  • Authorize work in the U.S.
  • Qualify a dependent for Earned Income Tax Credit Purposes
  • ITIN holders are not eligible for all of the tax benefits and public benefits (Like Social Security Retirement or the Earned Income Tax Credit EITC) that U.S. citizens and other taxpayers can receive.
  • Some ITIN holders are eligible for the Child Tax Credit (CTC). According to the new tax bill passed in December 2017, the CTC tax credit may be worth as much as $2,000 per qualifying child, depending on income. NOTE: The child must have an SSN to be eligible for the tax credit.

With an ITIN you can:

  • Open an interest-bearing account. For example: Checking or Savings account. (Which enables you to save for retirement).
  • Get a Driver’s License in some states instead of using an SSN.
  • Set up a Proof of Residency
  • Get Social Security Retirement  in the future (by becoming a lawful permanent resident), with the earnings reported through an ITIN being counted toward the amount your  able to receive.

As an undocumented worker, you may not be able to receive Social Security Retirement (until you are a legal citizen), but you ARE ENTITLED to a tax return if you were taxed more than your income. To read more about filing a tax return or reporting your income to the IRS, click here.

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